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change bed linen colour
Is it possible to change the colour of bed linen? if yes, how do you do that? 
thank you all
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Lackew - 4y ago
You cannot change products/items/furnishings in any way. Only elements that you create.
Lackew 4y ago
Lackew - 4y ago
I should add that there are many beds with colored sheets, comforters & bedspreads, but the issue is finding them.  I have noticed many items are listed by the manufacturers name which make it harder to find.
Lackew 4y ago
Totally agree, i had a post about that too
Soph2711 - 4y ago
So how do you find them?

Soph2711 4y ago
Panther2 - 27d ago

How do you change the color of the blankets so I don't have to go to bed sets?

Panther2 27d ago
Raven Storme - 27d ago

You can't change the color of them - that's what Lackew was saying above.  Items that are in the catalog, you cannot change the color of.  

The only thing you can do is search the catalog for bed linen and use what you find.  Or you can use flat, square, colored ottomans as a bed.  A lot of users do that.

Raven Storme 27d ago