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Bauhaus coloured Studyroom

Color is a powerful tool that permits designers to influence mood and compose spaces. The foundation of our modern understanding of color is rooted in Bauhaus color theory. So that’s why we are going to play with the Bauhaus colours in this contest. Design a Bauhaus coloured studyroom is the task. Have fun with it!

Home is...

"I say that home is where there is a chair and a glass." Words by Graham Greene. What does your favorite room look like in which a chair and a glass star together?

Fun Gaming Room

Create a simple, fun, modern gaming room for multiple people. You can include beanbag chairs, consoles, accessories and more. Have fun!

Home Yoga Sanctuary

Design a place at home where you can practice yoga or meditation. In addition to having enough space for your yoga mat and doing your exercises, it's also important that there is peace and quiet. A place where you are not distracted by housemates, noise or clutter. Where there is room for attention, nature and beauty. We wish you a lot of inspiration and fun!

Books in your interior

"A home without books, is a body without soul" according to Cicero. What do books mean to you? Do they have a central place in your interior or do you think they are just dust collectors? Do you arrange your books by color or by subject? Do you have a special way of storing them? And what does your ideal reading place look like? Show it in the design you are about to make. Have fun with it!

Arty Toilet Room

This is the first time we are going to design the smallest room in the house; the toilet. Contest Rules ~ Please use the offered template. ~ Don't change the space itself, so leave walls and doors as they are. ~ Don't change the camera angle and placement. If you do not follow the contest rules, your entry may have to be withdrawn. There must be a toilet and beyond that it is up to you to give it an Arty twist.

Spring Sun Space

Spring, a special time. The sun shines more often, the trees slowly start to show some green. It’s inviting to go outside... And then, it’s a pity sometimes that the sun is not yet warm enough to just sit still. Everyone knows that if you can find a spot behind the glass, it will soon be pleasant. This picture reminds me of that. In this contest we are looking for a lovely room with plenty of glass where you can catch the sun, with a cup of tea, a friend or your laptop because you have to work. What does your favorite sun room look like? What furniture is in it, what accessories do we need? Let the sun shine!

Van Gogh Bedroom

One of the famous paintings of Van Gogh is called Bedroom in Arles. Vincent van Gogh lived there in the Yellow House in 1888 where he decorated his room himself with simple furniture and his own work hung on the wall. The bright colors were supposed to express ‘absolute peace’ or ‘sleep’ according to the painter. I am curious to know which of you is best able to recreate Van Gogh's bedroom in Roomstyler. Replication is not something we have done in a contest before. Maybe it's fun, maybe it's just this once. Let's try it out together. In any case, have fun!

Impressive Staircase

A staircase is the part of a building where the stairs between floors are located. The staircases are usually placed above each other along with the corresponding landings to save space. Usually, the staircase in a house is very utilitarian and that while it can also be a great eye-catcher and make a big mark on the entire interior design. For such a staircase, one you can't ignore in the house, that's what we are looking for in this contest. Enjoy!

Surprise Baby Nursery

Expecting a baby comes with many firsts. One of them is decorating and designing a nursery. Just as babies come in all colors and sizes, so do nurseries. A room that feels safe, pleasant for the eye, and organized comforts not only the baby but the parent to be as well. It is up to you to design a nursery with a original display for toys and stuffed animals. In this contest we do not know if the newborn is gonna be a boy or a girl to make the challenge a bit bigger☺

Rooftop Terrace Split

We have a fellow Roomstyler designer who is eager to get some input from you all. What's up? Intdeson lives in Split, Croatia and he has a bare roof terrace that he would like to decorate. From the terrace he has a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. He has drawn his terrace in Roomstyler so that everyone can use it for their proposal. He wants to create a pleasant place to spend time with his family and friends. For example, he is thinking of an outdoor kitchen with BBQ, a place to eat and chill together. And he loves plants/greenery and dreams of a (small) swimming pool. Can you help Intdeson with some ideas?

Moroccan Courtyard

Today we often use the term RIAD to refer to the typical traditional Moroccan houses where accommodation is situated around a communal courtyard garden. It is this garden that gives the houses their name; riad means garden in Arabic. In this competition we are looking for the ultimate design for a rectangular, symmetrical courtyard garden with water in the middle. Of course Morocco is our source of inspiration for the style but the design certainly does not have to be traditional. Have fun and we are looking forward to seeing your designs!

Luxurious Skybox

Two thousand years ago, Roman amphitheaters already had special lodges for the main spectators, and even today, in the popular sport of soccer, there is still a need for a visible separation of classes. These luxuriously equipped, private rooms in a stadium with a view of the field are nowadays called skyboxes. Usually a skybox has its own bar and toilet and can accommodate 6 to 12 people. They are bought by companies who like to go there with their customers. In this contest we are looking for a luxurious interior design for a skybox. Surprise everyone with your design.

Cherry Blossom Bathroom

Contest Rules ~Please use the offered template. ~Don't change the space itself, so leave walls, doors and windows as they are. ~Don't change the camera angle and placement. Feel free to change and add anything else to give this space the real cherry blossom spring feeling. Have fun! Get inspired and try to inspire others too.

Inside Picnic Party

Last year we had an early spring feeling. This does not seem to be the case in 2021. But no worries. Let organize a nice picnic party right at home in the living room. Besides your imagination you’ll just need a few things: blankets are a must-have. You’ll need at least one as your base and several more for people to snuggle up with. Add even more softness with lots of cushions and pillows. People might like to sit or lean on them while they eat. To make eating a little easier, add some kind of elevated table(s) to the picnic. We are looking for the most inviting designs☺ Have fun!