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Minimalist Cottage Hallway

Design a hallway that is in Cottage style but then very minimalistic. So use elements that are fitting for Cottage style but keep decorations and accessoires and objects to a minimum, and create a very spacious, bright design with little use of colours. The hallway can be the entrance to the house, with some typical items like a coat rack, hat stand, mirror / artwork / umbrella stand / plant. Can also be a corridor with /without a staircase

Community contest: Rustic Living

Rustic designs can fit in all sorts of places. In this contest, design a rustic living room that is natural, casual, rough aged and/or rough. Use the right mix of warm-welcoming, simple and 'earthy' colors to create a cozy space. Also, don't forget! The rustic style embraces nature-inspired textures and an unpretentious organic warmth. Have fun!

Brown White Bathroom

Design a bathroom that has mainly brown details in an overall white space. So the walls, flooring and ceiling should be white (whitish) materials and the details in the furniture mainly shades of brown.

Minimalist Cottage Bedroom

Design a bedroom that is in Cottage style but then very minimalistic. This contest is inspired on this farmhouse design in new England I was reading about from Rafe Churchill and designer Heide Hendricks. See the article here So use elements that are fitting for Cottage style but keep decorations and accessoires and objects to a minimum, and create a very spacious, bright design with little use of colours.

Brown White Reading

Design a reading corner that has mainly brown interior items on a white background. So the walls, flooring and ceiling should be white (whitish) materials and the furniture mainly shades of brown.

Bay-window Studio

Design a studio home with a round bay window using this template room. You can add doors and change the flooring, add ceiling beams, but please keep the room shape with the bay window and ceiling height as it is in the template.

Transitional Livingroom

Design a home in a transitional design style. Transitional design is actually a mix or medium of two interior design styles. You can pick two distinct styles you like and mix them up. In history this happens all the time because styles are allways succeeding each other and people mix up pieces from different styles in their homes. The challenge is to make both styles enhance each other. Combine for instance Shabby chique and Minimalism. Or Industrial and Classic. Or Pop-art and Viking. Last but not least: It would be nice if you put the two styles you use in the room name so everyone can see what you tried to combine. Can you see which styles are combined in the example?

Blurry Bathroom

Design a bathroom with soft colors and soft edges. Both in the overall furnishing as in the colors applied to the walls, floors and ceiling. A soft color pallet can be Pastel, but you can also choose a different set of colors that don't result in large contrasts. Also try to accomplish blurry edges in the type of materials and shapes you use. You can (but don't have to) use the image as an inspiration. This is part of an installation made by Plastique Fantastic for the architecture biennale in Venice 2019.

Community contest: Snowy Destination

You and your best friend have decided to take a trip to the snowy country, Greenland. Create a room that will be enjoyed by both you and them at your holiday home. This room can be any room (living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc). The background scenery has already been provided and cannot be changed. The space too cannot be changed (walls, windows, and doors); however, camera positioning can be changed.. Room teplate to use: https://roomstyler.com/rooms/46066294/snowy-destination Contest created by Jafta: https://roomstyler.com/users/jafta

Community contest: Cozy Reading Nook

There is nothing better to do on a cold, rainy day than to curl up with a book and a cup of tea and read. Design a cozy reading nook near a window that invites you to stay. This contest was created by Elia07, Check out this designer via the link: https://roomstyler.com/users/elia07

Climber Pattern Kitchen

Design a kitchen using the wonderful patterns that you can get from climbing plants. There are a lot of types of climbers to choose from. Virginia creeper, Passieflower, Common ivy (Hedera), Winter jasmine, Kiwi, Grape, Hop, Bridal veil, Climbing rose, Akebia, Dutchman's pipe, Climbing hydrangea , Wisteria, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Firethorn. Maybe you know some more? Use them as a wallpaper for your kitchen.

Home office II

This year has been all about working from home. So this contest we are making our own home office. Try to capture the office feel while still keeping a part of home in your office.

Bold Wallpapers: Living room

Bold wallpapers are hitting the walls all around us. Earlier, this element was used only as an interesting twist, but now it's bolder and more decorative. The latest interior trends see wallpaper as a type of art for your surroundings. Make a living room With the Wallpaper as essential part of the design.

A Tribute To Orionaute/Francine

To the loving memory of Orionaute / Francine This week we received a sad message from Theadora: Orionaute/Francine would like you to know that she entered “The Light” due to cancer on October 5th, 2021. She was an incredibly caring friend to many on Roomstyler and loved to put a smile on peoples faces with her funny and touching designs, this contest is meant to pay tribute to her. For inspiration here is her profile page, browse through it and enjoy! :) https://roomstyler.com/users/orionaute The brief is very simple: Anything goes! Her only request is that you include at least one butterfly in your design - she sends you her love. We at Floorplanner are saddened by her passing. Orionaute has been part of the Roomstyler community for over 10 years and delighted many users with her creativity and sense of joy. This contest will not have "Winners" so NO credits will will be distributed to the most voted entries. After the voting we will provide a permanent link from her profile to this Tribute.

Jan Steen's Pub

Jan Steen, a famous painter from Holland was born in Leiden from parents who ran a succesfull tavern there. Apart from his painting career he also ran a pub himself in Delft. That didn't go very well, but drinking scene's and life in abundance (and it's nasty consequences) were a theme in his work. Design a pub that is inspired on the work of Jan Steen. The painting depicted here is called "As old men sing, so children squeal".