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urban kitchen contest

Urban interior design blends elements of contemporary, modern, and industrial designs to create a unique style that's perfect for inner-city living. Having a softer, more comfortable look than industrial design styles, urban design embraces warehouse conversions and loft environments as its foundation. For this contest you are designing an urban style kitchen.

shabby shic dining room contest

shabby shic has roots in antique and vintage french design and furnishing. It has a comfortable take and boast a timeless lived-in appeal. Soft and slightly femme, shabby chic marries traditional style interior design elements with vague farmhouse touches . For this contest you are designing a dining room.

rustic summer living room contest

A rustic living room is nothing new but we would like you to design one with the summer in mind. For this contest you are designing a living room in a rustic style

Open kitchen living contest

In this contest you are going to design an open livingroom/kitchen. “Due to the lack of walls, socialising in your home will become much easier. This is especially great for families as it allows them to spend more quality time together without making changes to their routine. It also makes a great space for hosting as you can keep up conversations with guests whilst multitasking.”

Tiny Office

Design a tiny office interior. The movable office from the example image was designed by the Danish design agency Ikke en Pind.

Turquoise Hallway

Design a hallway (entrance or corridor) where turquoise is the dominant color.

The grand living room.

This contest does not have a style that has to be adhered. For this contest we just want to see the most amazing livingroom. Go all out and show us how you would live in the greatest house you can imagine.

Tiny Livingroom

Design a livingroom in a very small space. Make the best out of each square cm! (or inch if you like). So what is small? The funny thing is, if you do an image search on tiny living room the results you get are laughable! Most households would dream to have such livingroom spaces. Try to keep the square space under 20 m2 (lower than 200 ft2). The smaller the better. Tip: search for armchairs and sofas with minimal footprint and go vertical as much as possible.

Turquoise Bathroom

Design a bathroom where turquoise is the dominant color.

Coastal kitchen contest

You don’t have to live by the beach to appreciate the coastal interior design style. A coastal space makes note of its natural environment. This can be seen through the color palette down to the materials used for furniture and accessories. Neutrals like whites are paired with beige to mimic the sand. Additionally, pops of blues to resemble the surf and sunny summer skies.

Tiny Kitchen

Design a tiny kitchen. This image came from a gooseneck trailer design of Tiny Heirloom

sculptural Living

Design a livingroom in which furniture and interior shapes have a sculptural appearance. Curved and explicit shapes. You can go bold with colors, or use more natural tones/materials. The cabinet in the example is a design by the famous canadian designer Judson Beaumont.

Turquoise Kitchen

Design a kitchen where turquoise is the dominant color.

Birdhouse Bedroom

Design a bedroom for a couple that is so much into birds that the made their bedroom look like an actual birdhouse from the inside. Tip: Make a high room and add a high round opening as the only window in the room.

Cheerful Bathroom

Design a bathroom interior with a cheerful twist that puts a smile on anyone's face.