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Walk-in Closet

Many dream of having their own walk-in closet. The main reason is that there is much more space in it than in an ordinary closet. So you can store many more clothes and you have much more overview. And this walk-in closet can also be your personal fitting room. Contest Rules ~ Please use the offered template. ~ Don't change the space itself, so leave walls, doors and windows as they are. ~ Don't change the camera angle and placement. If you do not follow the contest rules, your entry may have to be withdrawn. Feel free to change and add anything else to make this the walk-in closet of your dreams. Have fun!

Sage Green Bedroom

The green hue is one of the most calming colors and thus perfect for creating a peaceful sleep environment. The soft neutrals beige, light brown, gray and white enhance the calming power of sage green. Design a relaxing bedroom in this color scheme.

Sloping Ceiling

Rooms with sloped or slanted ceilings can be hard to work with sometimes. Your goal is to make a room of any type with a sloped ceiling(s) that takes up a MAJORITY of your space and is visible within the camera angle. You can also put several sloping ceilings in your design. Try to maximize storage or versatility and make the most of the space. Don't forget to be creative and have fun with it! Reminder: Sloping ceilings are a furniture type.

Island Vibes Bathroom

When you think of a warm island, the sun, sea, beach, seashells and palm trees come to mind. Create a bathroom with the ultimate island vibes.

Above The Bed

Make waking up fun and come up with an original decoration for above your bed.

Indoor Plant room

In this contest you will create a green room, with plants of all sorts. Succulents, cactus and many more. Make it a space where you feel at home and a place where you enjoy being.

Wooden Wall Revival

Wood against the wall is allowed again. It's warm, cool, authentic and good for acoustics. Design a living room with at least 1 wood-clad wall and make sure you have the right furnishings around it.

The Perfect Rug

A rug can really set the tone in an interior. Of course, the rug must fit in with the rest of the interior and the shape and size are also very important in making the right choice. In this contest we are looking for a design in which the rug plays the leading role. Which creation will you go for?

Your Own Restaurant

Don't we all want to dine back in restaurants these days? All restaurants look different, where there might be many paintings on the walls, or fancy tables. Design the restaurant you imagine going to. Have fun, and be creative!

Summer Wooden Porch

We are looking for the ultimate porch design so we can enjoy the upcoming long, warm summer evenings. A porch is an open addition to a home, usually just a shed roof supported by wooden posts. The floor can be the existing floor, but usually a wooden floor is present that continues flush with the floor level inside the house. Have fun!

Japandi Tiny House

Japandi is an interior style that combines simplicity and nature with the common interest of minimalism. Bringing the best from two different sides of the globe - Scandinavia and Japan, to one calming fusion called Japandi or Scandi-Japanese style. In this contest we are looking for a tiny house for one in this style.

Summer Beach Bedroom

Summer is approaching, and that means it's time to get ready for the beach! It's your job to design a stylish beach house bedroom for one, so put your designing caps on! This will be a place where people stay after tiring themselves out in the water and sunshine, so make sure it's comfortable and nice. Have fun!

Embassy Reception Room

An embassy is a diplomatic representation of one country in another. The embassy provides communication and negotiations between the two countries and cultural exchange. It also often acts as a point of contact for citizens of the home country who are currently in the host country. Design the reception room for high visitors in an embassy of a country of your choice. Make an impression by creating a room in style that highlights the cultural aspects of the country.

Luxury Freestanding Bathtub

Taking a bath is truly relaxing. Create a minimalist bathroom where a freestanding bathtub is the eye-catcher of the room where you can enjoy luxury.

Big Windows Contest

Create a modern interior that has large floor to ceiling windows covering at least one wall.