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For this contest create a study or library that has leather as its main element. Consider how it can be inviting and relaxing; it could incorporate materials like warm wood in the furniture and brass in the accessories, and dark, rich colours to add to the sense of comfort and vintage to your design.


A large piece of furniture in a small space can trick you into thinking the room is bigger. This can also be achieved with patterns. For this contest create a small Bathroom that plays with the idea of proportions. Think about which elements could be up-scaled to add high impact to a limited space.

Snake garden

Design a garden inspired on the shapes, texture or mythology of snakes.


For this contest create a Bedroom using Symmetry. This could lend a formal look or it can create an atmosphere of balance and calm. Consider how items are distributed, which could involve mirroring of items and repetition.

Snake livingroom

Design a living room interior inspired on the shapes, texture or mythology of snakes.

Sideboard Setup

Pick a sideboard from the library. Design part of a room, focussing on how this sideboard stands out against the wall. Add decorations to your liking on top or around the sideboard.

Contrast livingroom

For this contest create a Living room using Contrast as the main focus for your design; explore what this could mean, thinking about colour, shape, texture, style or finish.

60% 30% 10%

For this contest you are designing whatever room with the following colors: Red, Green and Gold. You have to use the colors in the following proportions: 60% 30% 10% . You can choose which color to use in which proportion.

Autumn kidsroom

Design a bedroom for a kid in autumn colours and patterns.

Autumn Bed & Breakfast

Design a interior for a Bed and Breakfast where you can enjoy the morning in a splendid autumn sun. You can choose yourself if you focus on the bedroom, or the breakfast room or both. Don't forget the view outside!

Mushroom kitchen

Design a kitchen inspired on the colours, shapes and textures of mushrooms.

Halloween Office

Design an office space in halloween style! Can be any type of room in the office. Cubicle, board room, meeting room, coffee corner, etc.

Mushroom living

Design a living room inspired on the textures, colours and shapes of mushrooms.

Armchair | Lamp | Sidetable

Create a nice reading corner, combining at least an armchair, a standing lamp and a side table. Feel free to add anything else to the room.

Black and round home

Design a living room with mainly black and round shaped items.