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Container Home

Design a home based on the size of standard shipping containers. Standard ISO shipping containers are 8ft (2.43m) wide, 8.5ft (2.59m) high and come in two lengths; 20ft (6.06m) and 40ft (12.2m). The template can help you out which represents a large shipping container. You can add more rooms with the size of a container to this plan if you want, but you can also stick to the one in the template. Feel free to add windows or doors.

Tribute to Conran

September 12nd Sir Terence Conran passed away. May he rest in peace. Conrad has been a visionary figure in the interior design world, especially in the UK. He designed items that were original and affordable. Also the way he tried to sell them was revolutionary. He started the Habitat stores where people could vieiw and buy the entire interior collection, from the wallpaper, furniture, crockery and cutlery. Also he reduced costs by shipping products that had to be assembled by the customer. Later he founded the Design Museum in Londen and several famous restaurants. Design a living room inpired on the designs and vision of Terence Conran. Tip: Search for conran to find some of the items that he designed. image: Conran and one of his earliest designs, the Cone Chair, in the 1950s (NPG)

Beehouse Inspired House

Design a living room inspired on artificial beehouses like the one displayed here, that you tend to see everywhere outside these days in many countries. So it about designing a livingroom for people, inspired on the houses that people make for bees (and other insects).

Pink and Purple Bedroom

Design a bedroom in which pink and purple are the dominant colours

Park and Play

In urban areas where space is a scarcity creative and multi-functional use of space is key. Design an outdoor space where parking and playing are combined. During daytime when grownups are at work, usually more space is available for the kids. Try to add trees for shade and think about kids safety. That's the challenge. How to claim you space for playing?

Stormy day Livingroom

Bad weather is nasty but can also be inspiring and stimulate your senses. Design an interior design inspired on a stormy day. Pick any type of bad weather and try to create an refreshing livingroom.

Outdoor Daycare

Most kids love to play outside and a daycare should be a great place to do so. Design an outdoor daycare for whatever agegroup you prefer. Create a nice place to play with natural elements and a lot of challenges, but also take into consideration that shade and safety is essential for kids.

Student Dorm

Design room where a student is living on his/her own for the first time. Take into account that students usually have a low budget so they often have a small room and use whatever scraps they can find to funish their place, but also they really want to express themselves and make the place their own. They use the space for sleeping, studying/working on projects, eating, having their new friends over.

Social distance office

Design an office that is suitable for working together in 1 space while maintaining the social distancing recommendations. On this page you can find some things to keep in mind.

Lily Pond Bathroom

Design a bathroom inspired on a pond full of water lilies.

Lavender Bathroom

Design a bathroom inspired on a field of lavender.

Old Factory Office

Create an office space inside a room of an old factory building.

Poppy Bedroom

Design a bedroom inspired on a field of poppy flowers.

Sunflower Living

Design a living room inspired on a field of sunflowers.

Western Saloon Design

Today Ennio Morricone left us... the most wellknown composer of music accompanying spagetti western movies like "Once upon a Time in the West", "My Name is Nobody", "A fistfull of Dollars". Design a dusty saloon that could well be an interior in one of these wild west movies.