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How can I put objects inside or on a shelf?

Some can be located because they allow you to modify the distance from the ground, but most do not.

My language is Spanish, excuse my English

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Theadora - 23d ago
Theadora 23d ago

Thank you, thank you very much Theodora, blessings !!!

Sorry! I meant


Theadora - 23d ago


Do NOT spam other people's Forum threads!

Theadora 23d ago
Isaacarchitect - 23d ago


Isaacarchitect - 23d ago

What did I do?

Theadora - 23d ago


You stuck your nose in where it does not belong!

This Forum thread and the others you put your link on have nothing to do with your template.

This is called spamming and is considered bad behaviour on any website, including this one!

It's also not a good idea to ask for help for a design you're putting in a contest.

It gives you unfair advantage over people who have worked hard to make a design without any help from others.  

Theadora 23d ago
Isaacarchitect - 22d ago


Isaacarchitect - 22d ago
parents have phones and I only need the internet for this and writing papers. :\ I didn't know what spamming was a now I know. Thanks! I'll stop. Also, asking for ideas, I was trying to get ideas because the same people always win and I want the admin to change it so that there is two types of contests. One for the experienced and one for people like me, the amateurs. That's all.
kitty - 22d ago

@Issacarchitect-Just leave us in peace to enjoy the site and post on forums without your attention seeking all the time.

Its all about you and its getting very very boring now zzzzzzzzz

kitty 22d ago
Isaacarchitect - 22d ago
@kitty, I would like to know why getting ideas form people is such a bad thing. also everyone is fed up with the drama on this site and your not helping. I'm sorry if your offended but ya'll have been picking on me way to long. I didn't know that asking for ideas was such a terrible thing, I'm newish. I'm not feeling happy with this site anymore. if i do the least thing, ya'll make a huge deal out of it when it doesn't have to be that way. just tell me what I'm doing wrong in a POLITE way and I'll stop. Thank you. 
Isaacarchitect - 22d ago

sorry about all this, @Teresa Valdes Beso


@Issacarchitect ,Do not worry, I am also new to this, I did not even know about the forum, I only knew when I received notifications by e-mail.

A good site for doubts and I appreciate the answers I received from help.

But yes, it gets complicated!

Just make your designs for your enjoyment and practices, for those of us who are new, it may be aggressive at first. Until you learn the rules, lol. But keep working and enjoy it !!!

Isaacarchitect - 21d ago

Thank you!

starsector - 20d ago

@Issac, regarding your comment above about having two types of contests; one for amateurs and one for experienced members...

We've kicked that idea around more than once.  New members are always welcome to submit entries to the contests, but you're right, they really can't compete with the more experienced members.

Roomstyler does the contests for our enjoyment, but also to showcase how amazing this program can be for designs.

There are many logistical problems with a 'new member contest' such as how do they define 'new'?  Is it 3 months, 6 mos, 1 year?  And should new adult members compete against new youth members?  That doesn't seem fair.  And what if the new member has prior experience with other kinds of 3D rendering software?  Wouldn't that be an unfair advantage?  What if an old member creates a new account just to try to win the contests?  Another unfair advantage.

Plus we have the ongoing problem of young members getting their friends to create accounts just for the purposes of voting in contests...In fact, we had talked at least once about restricting contests to members who've been on the site longer than 3-6 months to help eliminate that particular problem.

Probably, it would just make more sense to have a 'showcase' page rather than a separate contest.  But in all honesty, I don't think there will be a lot of traffic to that page.  At least, not much more than new members are already getting by having their entries in the established contests.

So I think the most important thing is just to have fun!  It's not about Hearts and Votes, it's about stretching our creativity as far as we can, and loving the process.  

When I make a design, if it makes me smile when I'm done, then that's great and anything else is just gravy! :)

starsector 20d ago

Totally agree with you @ starsector

The important thing is to enjoy the process and if someone likes it, then congratulations, but for me the most important thing is to feel happy with what I do.

Isaacarchitect - 19d ago

Yes that would be good, I didn't know about the members who are making friends vote for them I didn't realize that people would do that. It's just that I can't seem to get any of my rooms as well detailed as everyone else. I can't seem to find details on the planners invititory or I just don't know how to find details.

starsector - 19d ago

By 'details', do you mean 'accessories'?  Like candles, books, etc. to place on tables?  If so, the accessory category is huge!  It's not really about what kinds of accessories a person uses, but more about how they arrange them.  For instance, a rule of thumb is 'odd numbers'.  So consider 3 items grouped, or else 5 items, but not 2 or 4.  Has something to do with how the brain works/sees.  There's other little design tricks that a person can learn about.  Plus people have to learn the basics of the program, how best to utilize the lighting features, then about the illusions/tricks we've developed over the years...Lots to learn, so give yourself the time!  Every good designer you see on this site started off learning just like you! :)

starsector 19d ago
starsector - 19d ago

Or to put it another way:  ""Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than what we are now: students. If they can do it, why not us?" 

-Harry Potter

starsector 19d ago
jade61356 - 19d ago

I love how well you  respond, starsector.. if there is an argument , you are the voice of reason.. that is much appreciated. I just learned something, from your rule of three.. thanks for that! @Issacarchitect, I have been here for a few years, but I don't do contests.. I don't have a style that works for contests. I just design what I like, and feel like I've accomplished something, if I get it right. Some of my favorite designs, have the least votes, while some that I fought to get the results I wanted, and really don't love so much, (I just finally give up and move on to making a different one, to keep from pulling my hair out), get  a lot of hearts.  It's like everything else, for me.. I do what I like.. and if others like it, that's great. If they don't.. admittedly, it's sometimes disappointing, but hey.. I like it, so.. it's all good! :)

jade61356 19d ago

Yes, starsector is here for me, a very nice person, he explains without aggression, and I totally agree. It is true that for the starter it can be somewhat frustrating, but it is also true that there are members with a lot of time practicing. I do not think that seeking public recognition in the first instance is good, for me, I repeat, better enjoy! the rest will come alone ... if you want

Isaacarchitect - 19d ago

Thanks I never thought about 3's and 5's @starsector!

@jade61356, my rooms never do well in the contest, Do you get emails if your designs get voted on? if so I've never gotten a single vote, lol. I'm not sure how to make my rooms better and that's why i asked for ideas.

jade61356 - 19d ago

Honestly, Isaacarchitect, I rarely check my emails, so I don't know if I get emails or not. More experienced designers have helped me over the years.. I wouldn't know nearly as much as I do.. and I still have a lot to learn!  I entered two contests, got some votes, which I appreciated, but never came close to winning.. I knew that competing wasn't for me, so I just make rooms that I like, now. I still vote for everyone else.. because I know it is important for people to see appreciation for their work. If I can ever help you, I will be happy to try. :)

jade61356 19d ago
Isaacarchitect - 19d ago

I guess that means I haven't even gotten any votes lol!

Isaacarchitect, I do not believe that in the mails they send the votes, if I have received notifications of comments and discussions of the forum.

Do not be so pressured, let it flow and what it will be, we have a long way to go!

Isaacarchitect - 19d ago

Here's a youth group forum that starsector inspired!

Thanks Treresa! and thanks all!

starsector - 19d ago

Awesome, Issac!  Have lots of fun!  

starsector 19d ago