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GonzaloPMolina - 1 month ago
Less realism in Photorealistics HD Renders

Of course, this is a personal opinion. But I note that renders in general, but more evident in HQ renders, have been loosing realism, looking more like "cartoons" than real objects-

Again, this is personal, but is what I´ve been seeing in pghotorealistics HQ renders.

Furnitures are loosing details, textures, etc. looking more like "drawings" instead of real objects (that is what renderizing object should give).

Sorry for my english, my natural language is spanish.

Thank you!

GonzaloPMolina 1 month ago
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Theadora - 1 month ago

The unrealistic look comes from overexposure created by the use of lanterns and other lighting. For photorealistic renders you can use as many lights as you like while for regular renders the maximum is about 16. 

Theadora 1 month ago
GonzaloPMolina - 1 month ago

@Theadora, than you for your fas answer, as always.

I note this lost of realism in photorealistic renders, From other designers that make grate designs, and in the past, their designs loos real, but now, I see that things in general have less definition, less realism.

Maite, of course, is my personal opinion.

Thank you as always!

GonzaloPMolina 1 month ago