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TeresaDesign - 27d ago
Walls GONE again... :( Walls GONE again...

So here's the latest 3D for one angle.  WTH are my walls????   Was what I apparantly did wrong an easy fix?   Thank you for any feedback!  

TeresaDesign 27d ago
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Raven Storme - 26d ago

So, I peeked at your room to look at the walls.  The problem is that you have several that aren't tied together (I forget the actual term).  Where they should be joined, they are not joined at all.  Also, single walls that stick out (drawing a single wall coming out from the exterior room wall) have the tendency to be transparent as well from my experience.  If they aren't connected to anything, they vanish, if that makes better sense.

Raven Storme 26d ago
TeresaDesign - 26d ago

Thanks Raven for your feedback.  You mention the problem is my walls were not 'tied together' and not joined.  is there a specific procedure or method to make sure they are joined properly and how does one recognize on the drawing plan if they aren't?

TeresaDesign 26d ago
Theadora - 26d ago

Hi Teresa, I gave you the solution on your other Forum post. Corners should look like this / and where 3 walls connect it should look like this Y. When you get anything else they are not connected and they will disappear.

Theadora 26d ago
TeresaDesign - 26d ago

THANKS Theadora.  :)!

TeresaDesign 26d ago