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trishk82 - 27d ago
Uploading good scenery photo

How is everyone uploading good scenery photos?

Every time I upload a photo it just looks like a blob, and the photo is zoomed in way too much, and I cannot see anything. 

trishk82 27d ago
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Ellie665 - 27d ago

You can click on the wall that has the photo and resize it to your size. The photo quality will also get better once you take a 3D Photo. Best of Luck.


Ellie665 27d ago
LB1981 - 27d ago

You need to go to the wall like Ellie said, and go to the panel on the left that shows your image... then you need to click on the image and drag it up from bottom right to top left holding down the mouse key. Do this repeatedly until the bottom right corner of your image appears - if the image is large this may take quite a few goes to find the corner of the image but eventually when you do there will be a small white box. Click the box and hold down your mouse key again to shrink the image to the size you want (if the image is large you'll have to do this bit by bit gradually as you did to find the corner). When it's the correct size click and hold  on the image to drag it to the place you want it on your wall.

LB1981 27d ago
RaeCam - 27d ago

do you mean the view like outside or a picture on a wall

RaeCam 27d ago
Theadora - 27d ago

Minimum resolution for scenery is 1920 x 1080 or larger, for 4K renders use twice this size or larger.

Theadora 27d ago
LuzMa HL - 26d ago

Hi, Trishk.

In my case, it has been a process of trial and error, until I found those images that work best for me. Once I figured out which ones work best for my scenarios, the subsequent images I'm looking for meet those conditions. It depends a lot on how your design is. For some, large open spaces like aerial views of a city, work just fine; for others, images with closer settings work, such as a garden peeking from the living room, for instance.
Just try and try. You'll get it eventually.

LuzMa HL 26d ago
jade61356 - 20d ago

It's trial and error for me too.. I have a file of different types of scenery I use..  and usually have to change it, with each room I make, several times, until I get one that works.  Try typing in,  wallpaper, 1080 or larger in your browser.. if you find things you like, save them, and use them. Some will work, some won't, and it depends on where the windows are located, as to what looks good. I've had some scenery that doesn't show the entire photo, but it works.. and is sometimes surprisingly good. Good luck, and have fun with it! :)

jade61356 20d ago