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Raven Storme - 1 month ago
Wall art to share?

I had a thought (probably because I spent hours last night downloading paint sample photos).

If I were to find a way to put all of my textures in an album online, would anyone be interested in using them?

I've got a ton - paint, wallpaper, metal, grunge, paintings ... I just thought maybe it would be something nice to do.  Quite a few of us use our own textures for walls anyhow, so ... I was just thinking.  Of course, I'd have to find somewhere to download it all to also.  

Raven Storme 1 month ago
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Yess!!!!,I would love to!!!!

kitty - 26d ago

me too! : )

kitty 26d ago
Raven Storme - 26d ago

Okay, now I need to find somewhere to upload it all to that you can access, lol.

Raven Storme 26d ago
Raven Storme - 26d ago

Oof.  4,828 items in my textures folder.  I told you I had a lot in there ... anyone know a free photo hosting site?  Geez, this is a lot of stuff in this folder, I had no idea I had that much.

Raven Storme 26d ago
Isaacarchitect - 26d ago

Wow thanks for doing this, Raven Storme! It's really cool! I would love to have more wall and floor textures to pick from!

Theadora - 26d ago
Theadora 26d ago
Isaacarchitect - 26d ago

I couldn't see what was on that website theadora! What happened?

Raven Storme - 25d ago

Theadora, I'll look into Flickr today - I was trying to get everything into my Imgur, but it's all screwed up and I can't get the photos into albums.

Raven Storme 25d ago
Raven Storme - 25d ago

Alright.  Got the Flickr going.   Uploaded 513 textures into an album.  I cannot guarantee all of these will work on a wall, but I did my best to pick and choose.  It's hard, lol.  Anyhow, here you go:

Raven Storme 25d ago
Theadora - 25d ago

Wow, this is totally awesome - thanks so much for doing all the work! It might be a good idea to put a permanent link on your Bio at the top of your profile page. That would make it a lot easier for members to refer people to instead of having to chase old Forum threads.... :)

Theadora 25d ago
Raven Storme - 25d ago

Yeah, I guess I could do that.  I'll add to it periodically, but I'm limited to 1k uploads.  I'm halfway there now.

Raven Storme 25d ago

And on Pinterest? There you can create a folder and send us there. There if you can take the photos. I use it for my textures without problems, It has no limits and you could also post the link. It's just an idea, and thanks for that hard work. My respects

Isaacarchitect - 25d ago

Wow thanks Raven Storme!! That's really cool!!!

Raven Storme - 24d ago

I have no interest in being on Pinterest.  I'm trying to keep my social media footprint as small as possible.  If I could have made it work on Imgur, I wouldn't be on Flickr.

Raven Storme 24d ago
kitty - 24d ago

@RavenStorme I just had a peek these are great! Thank you..some really lush wall colours and wallpapers in there. X

kitty 24d ago
Raven Storme - 24d ago

@kitty, you're welcome.  I'll add to it as I find the time, but I'm constrained as to how much I can offer, lol.

Raven Storme 24d ago
jade61356 - 22d ago

There are some beautiful colors and textures there, thanks so much! You know I used to have a photobucket account for the same thing.. but I don't know if people can access those.. (frankly, I haven't checked to see if I can access it in years). But, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful finds! :)

jade61356 22d ago
Raven Storme - 21d ago

I think if it's set to the public?  I used to have one ten years ago, and god only knows what happened to it, lol.

You're welcome.  I just thought it would be a nice thing to do, to maybe help a little.

Raven Storme 21d ago