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For you  - Bedroom - by Zombiebarbie220
For you
For you Uri - Modern - Bedroom - by Zombiebarbie220
For you Uri
Gaming Room - Modern - Bedroom - by Zombiebarbie220
Gaming Room

Thanks for Tip i will fix it later

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i love that it looks cozy and stylish the tree setting is a uploaded bg am i correct 

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I want too say THANK YOU FOR THE TIPS uwu i may follow the well given advice and btw i  love all your creations!

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This is cool can you give me tips on my designs TY (btw nice pun i literally died of laughter!!!!) 

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Tips are greatly appreciated! 

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Question: How do you get the background i use the grass and some trees but in between are black areas U^U

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i think i sees a t-rex LOL

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Commented on March 9 2019


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Omg how do you get your backgrounds like this :D i have been doing this app for 5 months and my builds still look crappy TELL ME YOUR SKILLS!!!

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