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Bedroom 2
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Love it!

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Well it seems like you are intimating that I am a liar, yes I did create the balcony that was inspired by yours, I never said that this design were based entirely by my imagination, the house resembles almost exactly like my Aunts minus the balcon. I never made it sound like I was 'stealing' your design. I never even took a second look at your pillows, archways or anything else. The only thing that stood out to me was the balcony as I had never been successful in applying a scenery. I apologise that you think this way as this was not my intention, I would be equally upset if I thought someone was stealing my work. 

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Nicole, please stop people might actually think that you're being serious HAHA xD

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Lol Nicole xD

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I have just taken a look at your design, I didnt copy your work - as this is the first time I have came across it. I apologise that it does look like yours, I will make amendments to my design as It is a mere coincidence as it actually stems from my Aunts house in Portugal. 

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