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Beautiful accessories to create a stunning contrast against the bright white-splashed walls!

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This is really lovely. I love themed rooms. Like it takes you away to another place so easily!

You can never go wrong with a neutral tone for the floors! So easy to accesorize the place to jazz things up.

Commented on soft neutral

I've always like the idea of the home having a splash of colour here and there. I'm not particularly good at designing things in my home and I most definitely wouldn't be able to coordinate everything, so I end up sticking with neutrals and greyscale instead! I'd love for someone to teach me how to incorporate some bright shades though!

Commented on living room

Those yellow chairs in the living room really pop! It's a really nice addition to the living and makes it look a lot more brighter and welcoming I think! I would actually like to see more yellow items in the room to complement the chairs though. Perhaps some picture frames or other pillows on the dark sofa?

Commented on modern tech office

This program is truly amazing! This is such an amazing application for the interior design program. I would think that most people would use it solely for designing rooms in their homes, but designing an office really takes everything to a whole other level! I should like to see a lot of other people trying to put in their ideas for some different kind of location now! 

Commented on Botanical apartment

I'm very impressed by rooms that try to incorporate a tropical feel. Besides not being very good at growing plants (I absolutely do not have a green thumb) I find that plants tend to attract insects, and having girls in the house.. Well, everyone knows that girls and bugs just don't mix!

Commented on Forest view room

Nature is always a pleasing sight to look at. Having a room with a forest view is perfect especially after a hard day at work to unwind both the mind and the body. 

Commented on scandinavian

What a modern and fun design concept. It would be perfect for a refreshing touch of an artistic interior to create a vibrant and lively living space. I think my spirits would definitely be lifted every time I enter this room.

Commented on Starry Night

I expected more stars after having read the subject title. Nevertheless the blue hue is still as dreamy as a starry sky. I would not mind having this interior concept for my bedroom or my living hall where guests would feel so relaxed.

Commented on ATIC STORAGE

This reminds me of what an old theatre would look like back stage with all the props and costumes. The storage space in the attic here is actually pretty immense though! There doesn't seem to be a lot of junk and clutter and it's a nice mix of pretty interesting and unique furniture and art pieces to be honest!

Commented on Corner Storage Pr 7

Décor is such a personal thing, it's amazing to see what unique features and nooks that some houses have been able to put together sometimes. It's a sad, sad day when houses start to have cookie-cutter layouts and predetermined interior decorating. Wouldn't be any better than living in rented apartment suites at the end of the day with the lack of character in those!

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