Designers Office view 2 - Eclectic - Office - by TrustKisha
Designers Office view 2
Blue Invitation 3 - Living room - by TrustKisha
Blue Invitation 3
Blue Invitation 2 - Living room - by TrustKisha
Blue Invitation 2
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Absolutely divine design

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HUmm, I just typed a long comment and it didnt post...LOL This looks amazing and so happy to see this as I log in to visit you all here. Ive missed your inspirations and they look so great here. I love what you and Grace are doing. I would love to create regularly here if it didnt take me so looong to find the stuff I love to use in presentations. Im sure that just takes getting use to 

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Awesome sauce, I just recently ran a challenge featuring fabulous faux texidermy. Great presentation girlfriend

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