Oashisu - Global - Garden - by starsector
Lifes A Beach - Feminine - Garden - by starsector
Lifes A Beach
Iron Aged - Vintage - Garden - by starsector
Iron Aged
A View of the Harbor - Country - Garden - by starsector
A View of the Harbor
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Sooooo pretty!

"I think sea glass is a lot like people . . it starts out bright and shiny with sharp edges , but over time it tumbles and softens, over time , each piece becomes unique and even more beautiful." ~~Karen Adamski

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Eva, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go....;)  Your creativity and technical mastery continues to astonish us~!

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Liu, congratulations in the Fashion Designer Contest!  Fantastic colors and concepts!

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Eva, congratulations on the Fashion Designer contest!  Such a cool, clever design!  We always learn something from you!

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Congratulations, JayPH, for winning the Fashion Designer contest!


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