exaltation - Vintage - Bathroom - by starsector
seafoam - Vintage - Living room - by starsector
rustica - Vintage - Kitchen - by starsector
colour full - Vintage - Dining room - by starsector
colour full
blue moon - by starsector
blue moon
boheme americain - by starsector
boheme americain
Graf X - Eclectic - Living room - by starsector
Graf X
dunes retreat - Rustic - Garden - by starsector
dunes retreat
Earthen - Rustic - Dining room - by starsector
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Congratulations ArcticMoon!  Another unique, cool design!

Commented on Paul_2

Congrats Eva!!

Congratulations ariema!  A gorgeous design!

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Congratulations ArcticMoon!!

Commented on Dinner Meeting

Congratulations Eva!!  Another work of Art!

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Congratulations, Meggle!  Very chic design!

Commented on Earthen

I very much appreciate all the Hearts, comments and votes   xoxo

Commented on Mid Century Blue

Very chic!

Likes blue art
Commented on dunes retreat

Thanks, just experimenting....I really love that modern 'neutral boho' style from that recent contest :)

Commented on Earthen

You're all so sweet, thanks!

Commented on Earthen

Thanks so much Artem and ArcticMoon! <3

Likes Blue
Likes Tiffany
Commented on Earthen

Much appreciation Daisy!  Milyca and rossella!

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Thanks Kisha, vagrfd and kitty!