Wisteria in Moonlight - Feminine - Bedroom - by starsector
Wisteria in Moonlight
charcoal and chalk - Feminine - Bedroom - by starsector
charcoal and chalk
grafikel - Vintage - by starsector
villa - Rustic - Garden - by starsector
scandi - Feminine - Kitchen - by starsector
Retreat - Rustic - Garden - by starsector
shabby chic - Vintage - Kitchen - by starsector
shabby chic
Commented on Rosalie

So pretty!

Commented on sdb sc

Very unique concept with reflecting the bathroom, but I bet you could make a beautiful bathroom for real, rather than reflect an image since your designs are so creative ;)

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Commented on shabby chic

Thanks so mu ch for all the wonderful comments, hearts and votes :)

Commented on Emma

Congratulations, b!

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Commented on Shabby Chic Kitchen

So pretty, love this!

Commented on Little Living room

Yah, I was hoping, too :)  My only advise is to create the rooms in DMlights, rather than on Roomstyler, and see if that solves the problem.  But if it helps any, Roomstyler main is really a better version.  There are multitudes of more items and features available.

Commented on Little Living room

I'm sorry, Marte.  It's only giving me a login screen.  I thought there would be a public profile page, just like Roomstyler.