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pool bedroom
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Victorian Bathroom
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Public Pool
Commented on Minimalist Bedoom

OK bye.

Commented on Minimalist Bedoom

Not like anyone is reading this anyway.

Commented on Minimalist Bedoom

I was able to sarcastically comment on all my rooms except for this one.

Commented on Minimalist Bedoom

Drat. I can't think of a sarcastic comment for this. 

Commented on Victorian Bathroom

It's like some Downton Abbey-level shit.

Commented on Light

You can never have too many pillows! Oh wait, never mind.

Commented on Forest Lodge

When you want to pretend you're eco-friendly.

Commented on City View Bathroom

They're gonna need bigger curtains.

Don't sue me.

Commented on PORCH

Think of how many trees died to make this room!

Commented on Dining

It's economically infeasible!

Commented on Public Pool

The floors look slippery.

Commented on pool bedroom

The great thing about is that you can trip in the middle of the night and fall into the water!

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