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Hey - this is a really cute kitchen! How do you do that!?!? Its amazing. :)

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You really can do everything, can't you! ;)

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Since you did the cottage bedroom 1, will you do cottage bedroom 2???? I think that is the question we all want the answer to now, girl. Dat would be super cool!

aw, girl, luv dat cottage feel - with da wood 2... sweetbix.

love da sunset hon!

Wow wow wow... not really sure what to say about this, but it definitely looks AMAZING. Is that some spas in the corner - of the dining room? Also love the night sky stars, they make it not look plain, whereas if you just did all white then it would have. Once again, amazing.

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I love how you incorporated the whole looking into the house thingy - it looks great! awesome ideas always come from an awesome person!!!

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Hey - this is cute as! I wouldn't have thought to put the TV in, great job!