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And this room has a funny window shape!

Oops, forgot the scenery. But i think it is also nice without it. This is a very small and tiny room. But big enough for being a bedroom! HahahaI thought i was going to sleep but then i thought, let make 1 more room, just because we can, and it is nice. But now i'm really going to sleep! Bye!

This is my second design, i love this one not so much as the first one, but i really like it. It is a storage room with a nice window effect. I try to do every room a nice effect or a funny detail. I found out how to add a scenery, so this one has a white scenery! Isn't that nice?Bye bye everybody, i'm going to sleep! (some of you can think, wooow, she is going to bed sooooooo early, or late, but i think i'm living in a diferent country than you guys (and girls hahahaha :) ), with a diferent timezone) So goodnight!!