Cielo Blue - by Mum Dali
Cielo Blue
Silence  - by Mum Dali
Aix en Provence - by Mum Dali
Aix en Provence
Jasmine - by Mum Dali
Time goes by  - by Mum Dali
Time goes by
Lakehouse Blues - by Mum Dali
Lakehouse Blues
Mirrors - by Mum Dali
Antonio Mora - by Mum Dali
Antonio Mora
Palo Duro Canyon  - Living room - by Mum Dali
Palo Duro Canyon
Geisha  - Bedroom - by Mum Dali
Kalopsia - Bedroom - by Mum Dali
Off the Path - Bathroom - by Mum Dali
Off the Path
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Absolutly stunning !!!

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Love this place ♥

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Peaceful and quiet, love it !!! Hugs to you my Dear !!!

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Wonderful place to work !!!

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Love this one !!!

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LOve this one !!! Hugs to you !!!

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Hahahaaaa... love it !!! HUgs and kisses my dear !!!! 

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Stunning !!!