Africa - by Mum Dali
Pool Penthouse - by Mum Dali
Pool Penthouse
Moroccan Patio - by Mum Dali
Moroccan Patio
Marianne - by Mum Dali
Cielo Blue - by Mum Dali
Cielo Blue
Silence  - by Mum Dali
Jacques Wine Depot  - by Mum Dali
Jacques Wine Depot
Aix en Provence - by Mum Dali
Aix en Provence
Jasmine - by Mum Dali
Bistro Photo Wall - by Mum Dali
Bistro Photo Wall
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so, so lovely, stunning Design. Hugs to you, Maja <3

Commented on Garden Party

Congrats Lydia, its another garden beauty designed by you :) Hugs and kisses, Mum <3

Commented on garden party

wonderful !

Commented on HRonI

a beauty, love it Ritsa <3

Likes HRonI
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Love it Mandy <3

Likes Umpf
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Wonderful <3

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So speechless, so beautiful done Meggle <3

Commented on By the lake

Oh this is wonderful, hope you are fine :) Hugs to you <3