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Designing my ultimate cave.  This edition is the first in the series.  This is the current proposed dimensions.  Also I was just playing around with paint ideas for the walls.  :-)  

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ManCave1a - by mobomojo


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I love the wall map in the back!  Very nice!

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Bedtime - by mobomojo


Very Nice!

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Wow!  I love rainbows!

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Thank you Carmen!  I'll do my best!   More to come soon!:-)

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Thanks Janip!  :-)

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This blows me away!  Wow!

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Very nice!

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Thanks for your kind words and advice Bibiche!  I just stumbled onto roomstyler today and was looking at all the beautiful rooms people have created!  It was like stepping into a dream world :-)

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I could not delete my version, so I emptied it.  I'm so embarrassed.  Apologies to Janip!

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Yeah, I am so embarrassed, this was my first look at roomstyler.  I didn't know what I was doing.  It is an accident.  I tried to delete it, but couldn't figure it out how?

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Amazing! You have a gift!

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