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Commented on lounge

Very, very good, they do not have more than five stars so I cannot give it 9 like Bruno Tonioli, SComeDance, but it is stunning .. Mike

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Commented on Lilac bedroom

That is good . Mike

Commented on Bedroom 1

cool, I stayed next door to one of these once in Nottingham and the lady "concierge" suggested I book that and came back with Elinor, as it seemed a bit alike the danger of Nicolas Cage Gone in 60 seconds Eleanor, I did not although the outside waterfall was good and I could not sleep, they did not give me the College appointment as they had changed it from permanent to 2 year temporary between times and our daughter was just at School ... quite a decent place Nottingham ... good city centre pedestrian ... and it has that big river fed by the Wales water supply through Birmingham "taps" but I did not think they were doing too well at hydraulics and I am not a technological surveyor ... pity nice staff group, advanced research, which gets us nowhere with this bedroom design, but I do like it. Mike

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Commented on My Dream Garden x

good terrace levels

Commented on office idea1

that is effective ... Mike Stagg

Commented on greenland

dentist's chair appearance otherwise lovely and relaxing Mike

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Commented on Evies Room

great room : Mike

clever well selected . Mike