Let us in it is cold Outside - by lydiaenderlebell
Let us in it is cold Outside
Winter Idyll - by lydiaenderlebell
Winter Idyll
Split Level - by lydiaenderlebell
Split Level
Artist Atelier - by lydiaenderlebell
Artist Atelier
Warehouse Renovation - by lydiaenderlebell
Warehouse Renovation
Winters Eve Twilight - by lydiaenderlebell
Winters Eve Twilight
The Writers Den - by lydiaenderlebell
The Writers Den
Winter Bedroom Warmth - by lydiaenderlebell
Winter Bedroom Warmth
Lake House in Winter - by lydiaenderlebell
Lake House in Winter
Sunset - by lydiaenderlebell
Lazy Winter Days II - by lydiaenderlebell
Lazy Winter Days II
My Swiss Chalet  - by lydiaenderlebell
My Swiss Chalet
Winter Pleasures - by lydiaenderlebell
Winter Pleasures
 Nautical Kitchen - by lydiaenderlebell
Nautical Kitchen
Bohemian Kitchen - by lydiaenderlebell
Bohemian Kitchen
For the Love of Boho  - by lydiaenderlebell
For the Love of Boho
Eclectic BR - by lydiaenderlebell
Eclectic BR
Shabby Chic Living Room - by lydiaenderlebell
Shabby Chic Living Room
Christmas Stars  - by lydiaenderlebell
Christmas Stars
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Thank you Jasmineconnie and 321simple, for your wonderful comments, which I appreciate more than I can say!!!

WOW!!! This is gorgeous! And I LOVE Acqua!!

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Commented on hallway

Wonderful design, but I think it could use a couple more plants to live up to the "jungle" concept!


Commented on Glass Houses

In case you don't go back to check or older ( 5 mo) designs, HOW are you doing? I hope  you are healthy and well.

Commented on Glass Houses

Beautiful!!! I made some comments on your older designs if you have the time to go back and look. Guess I should have done it here. I am always amazed how you manage to use the same large style rooms and yet make each one look so different.  This one too seems to be so unique and love the background.You must live in Florida???

Commented on Neutrals

I am constantly amazed. A first look at your pages seems like all your large rooms look similar and then when looking up close, each one looks so much different from the others.  These types of rooms together with your art selections are a huge strength of yours. I LOVE this room as well. How are you doing? I hope you are healthy and well!!!

Commented on Florida Room

In case you didn't see my comment on another design, HOW are you doing??/ I hope you are well and healthy!!!

Commented on Florida Room

I absolutely LOVE this room!!! Well done!!

Commented on Sunrise

Beautifully done!!!! LOVE your themes of incorporating so much beautiful art into your designs!!You won't believe this but somehow I seem to have a problem designing your style of large rooms, don't know why. Maybe have to work at it some more.BTW, HOW are you doing???? I am hoping you are well and happy!!!