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Yeah, don't be a pedophile. You probably are 22, and living alone, in front off a computer screen preying on little girls. Piss off you arse.

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Don't doubt this Clay, it's AMAZING!

You shouldn't bully a twelve-year-old! You are so mean!

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Thanks Fairlight! But I don't know why he is being rude about my ones, I was just giving back to him what he gave to me. Nothing stops a bully better than doing it back to them, tit for tat is not right I know, but I won't be criticized!

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Actually, my friends and I think that my rooms are better than yours, so don't throw stones from glass houses. And anyway, who made you the high and mighty (but quite rude) designer, I like my style, and you-well you are just jealous! Sticks and stones! If you've got nothing nice to say, then don't say (or type) anything at all!

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Why are you  saying such mean stuff about my rooms?! I like them, and I don't care if you don't!


Ugly much...

This is crap

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Shut your mouth

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