geometric living - by LB1981
geometric living
Christmas Bathroom - Bathroom - by LB1981
Christmas Bathroom
Seafood Restaurant - by LB1981
Seafood Restaurant
Spring Dining - Dining room - by LB1981
Spring Dining
Night Swimming - Garden - by LB1981
Night Swimming
Sheepish - Living room - by LB1981
Scandi Kitchen - Kitchen - by LB1981
Scandi Kitchen
Matisse - Living room - by LB1981
HORSE - Bedroom - by LB1981
Yellow Bathroom - Bathroom - by LB1981
Yellow Bathroom
Boho Living - Living room - by LB1981
Boho Living
Bathing Birds - Bathroom - by LB1981
Bathing Birds
Boho Bedroom - Bedroom - by LB1981
Boho Bedroom
Nautical Nights - Bedroom - by LB1981
Nautical Nights
Boho Kitchen - Kitchen - by LB1981
Boho Kitchen
Boho Bathroom - Bathroom - by LB1981
Boho Bathroom
Nautical Bathroom - Bathroom - by LB1981
Nautical Bathroom
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Commented on Boho Bedroom

Hey thanks for letting me know... I guess I could/should take it as a compliment lol. I left a comment saying it's common courtesy here to keep remixes private. =)

Commented on bedroom

Maybe you're not aware but it's a common courtesy on this site to keep remixes of other designers' work set to private.

Commented on Boho Bedroom

To find the names of items move your mouse over the 3 little dots at the bottom right of the picture and click remix - this will open the room in edit mode and you can click on items to find their names. The bed I made myself using walls with rectangular openings from the build section.