Spring Dining - Dining room - by LB1981
Spring Dining
Bathing Birds - Bathroom - by LB1981
Bathing Birds
Boho Bedroom - Bedroom - by LB1981
Boho Bedroom
Nautical Nights - Bedroom - by LB1981
Nautical Nights
Boho Kitchen - Kitchen - by LB1981
Boho Kitchen
eclectic bedroom - Bedroom - by LB1981
eclectic bedroom
Urban Jungle Living - Living room - by LB1981
Urban Jungle Living
eclectic kitchen - Kitchen - by LB1981
eclectic kitchen
Urban Jungle Bathroom - Bathroom - by LB1981
Urban Jungle Bathroom
Urban Jungle Office - Office - by LB1981
Urban Jungle Office
Eclectic Office - Office - by LB1981
Eclectic Office
Playful Living - Living room - by LB1981
Playful Living
playful cooking - Kitchen - by LB1981
playful cooking
MP hallway - by LB1981
MP hallway
BYG home office - Office - by LB1981
BYG home office
Soft MAX - by LB1981
Soft MAX
shabby hall - by LB1981
shabby hall
MAX hall - by LB1981
MAX hall
woodwork - Garden - by LB1981
MP home office - Office - by LB1981
MP home office

I thought for sure that this one would win - it's stunning! Really so beautiful and well done - my favourite!

Remixed GK Living
GK Living - Living room - by LB1981


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Remixed TM Living
TM Living - Living room - by LB1981


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Thanks lovely =)  I didn't even know you could add a description to a design haha. How have I managed to go this long on RS without noticing that?!

Commented on Pool for Georgia

LuzMa HL no worries =) Sorry if I sounded harsh. Contests based on artists always bug me because it's supposed to be 'inspired by' but a lot of people put one of the artist's pieces on a wall and make little effort to do more. That's not aimed at you or anyone in particular. I did the same thing with the Matisse contest - the design I entered used a Matisse print on the wall but my original design was a room ''inspired'' by Matisse which I managed to get looking like a Matisse painting without using one of his pieces as wall art... I was too chicken to enter that one though and went with the simpler design which was more likely to do well in the contest - that was some time ago and I've stopped entering designs that I think might do well and started just entering ones I like and that I'm proud of lol.

Commented on Pool for Georgia

LuzMa HL - the design brief said "Design indoor swimming pool inspired on the work of Georgia O'Keeffe". I used the curves and colours from her 2 paintings "The White Flower" and "Two Calla Lilies on Pink" and her general body of work on flowers as inspiration for my design. The design brief did not state "use one of Georgia's paintings  in your design". I don't see the issue.

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