Dream Room - Bedroom  - by JoJo Y
Dream Room
Sunflower Living - Living room  - by JoJo Y
Sunflower Living
Coastal Kitchen - Kitchen  - by JoJo Y
Coastal Kitchen
Relax and Read - by JoJo Y
Relax and Read
Shabby Chic Bathroom - Bathroom  - by JoJo Y
Shabby Chic Bathroom
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Sure! Do leave the email address here or do I need to send it another way? Also I don't understand when you said I can't remix. Do you just mean the design you just did? 

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Oooh! It sounds nice! I bet it looks great! 

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It sounds like you've done a good job with the room. I also changed the brightness on the original but I'm not sure if you could tell there was a difference. 

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This room is also beautiful!❤️ Yes I get what you mean. I was going for sunrise but I made the inside brighter because there were so much shadows and it looked really dark. I also wasn't worried much on the direction north because when looking at the 3d photo you can't tell what the original direction is. You just have to move the sun to get the desired look. Should I try making the sun lower? Or decreasing the light a bit to make it look more like morning?  Also you said you taught yourself English. That's pretty cool! Thanks for helping.

Nice! A while a go you mentioned putting my own artwork in my rooms. I was wondering if you knew how to do that and if you could tell me? 

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I feel like I'm actually at a super fancy hotel somewhere. Awesome! 

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So pretty! I got an email saying you remixed my design sunflower living and it was made private. I just wanted to say you can post it and I'm also really curious to see what you've done. I'm sure it looks great!

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The story and design are so Beautiful! ❤️