Eat in Kitchen - Kitchen - by jammer3460323
Eat in Kitchen
cute master - Bedroom - by jammer3460323
cute master
Hang out while you can - by jammer3460323
Hang out while you can
cute dining - Dining room - by jammer3460323
cute dining
Purple Rain - Bedroom - by jammer3460323
Purple Rain
fine dining - by jammer3460323
fine dining
Lovely Living Room - by jammer3460323
Lovely Living Room
Date at Home - Dining room - by jammer3460323
Date at Home
goth teenager - Bedroom - by jammer3460323
goth teenager
lizzy - Kitchen - by jammer3460323
Commented on cute dining

thx russ I luv ur designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commented on Purple Rain

thx  cheer ur my bestie in real life so that makes sence I know wat u like

Commented on School Project

I was designing a room for a school project

Commented on Lovely Living Room

i feel this room is a little tight I could have done better

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Commented on goth teenager

thx so much you guys

Commented on lizzy

no problem lizzy you hav been such an inspiration to me <3 <3 <3

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