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3 years late... but thank you! I'm 14 now and this is the first time I've been back on for a year or two. I still love interior design/architecture but I'm planning to go into music teaching as a career now.

What's gone wrong with this?The Drawing thing to label stuff is not in the right place as the mouse.The black rug is meant to be brown and fabricThe grass is meant to be green not blackThe scenery's not meant to be blurryThere's meant to be a patio door and a living room doorAnd where the patio door is meant to be there is this great weird cream thing on the floorHelp me what's gone wrong? I spent ages designing this :(


oi your copying mine! i have a simlar fish tank bathroom :-( boo to you soph

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the name of the person who designed this room is coral sofia lizzy woodson

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