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u guuuuuuuuyyyyssssssssssss!!!!!

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loving this room!! do you have any children or siblings?

Very nice!! I just read your bio. sounds like fun, travelling the world :)

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I like to mix match

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I don't have a lot of experience with designing so I'm open for any feedback or advice, lmk what you think?

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i dont have 

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totally LOVE this setting #goodvibesonly but where's the lake?

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wow, so deep... Np

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Love this room!!! Try adding a layer of purple, blue and a dusty orange. It would help the room to bloom from a baby rose to a stunning grown weed !!! my eyes are a mouldy green and was thinking of implementing this into my room… lmk what you think? Open for suggestions and willing to give a advice.

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awwwwww the serenity!!!

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All your rooms remind me of sentimental memories, keep up the good work!!

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Loving the romantic approach!!! I'm glad I followed you :)