Take a Break - Global - Living room - by evahassing
Take a Break
Morning Mist - Global - Bedroom - by evahassing
Morning Mist
Organic - Minimal - by evahassing
Beautiful Mess - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
Beautiful Mess
Bedroom Suite II - Eclectic - Bedroom - by evahassing
Bedroom Suite II
Shiplap  - Eclectic - Dining room - by evahassing
Black and Cork - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
Black and Cork
Day One - Eclectic - Bedroom - by evahassing
Day One
YOO - Modern - Kitchen - by evahassing
Wooden Box - Modern - Garden - by evahassing
Wooden Box
Book Nook - Eclectic - by evahassing
Book Nook
Home - Eclectic - by evahassing
On the Go - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
On the Go
Home in the Forest - by evahassing
Home in the Forest
Warm Concrete - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
Warm Concrete
Terrace Garden - Garden - by evahassing
Terrace Garden
Here - Eclectic - Living room - by evahassing
Night Out - Garden - by evahassing
Night Out
Mellow - Eclectic - Bedroom - by evahassing
I - Modern - Kitchen - by evahassing
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Thank you so much everyone!!! 

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Love it very much!!

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Thank you!! I´ve been away for a while on vacation and so great to come home to this :) Thanks so much for the votes!!

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Thank you all so much!!

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Thank you afg15 :)

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Thanks  milyca and afg15

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Thank you Jay!

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It´s very simple. You just make a normal wall and put a door opening to cut off the upper part.

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Congratulations Mum Dali!