Take a Break - Global - Living room - by evahassing
Take a Break
Morning Mist - Global - Bedroom - by evahassing
Morning Mist
Organic - Minimal - by evahassing
Beautiful Mess - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
Beautiful Mess
Bedroom Suite II - Eclectic - Bedroom - by evahassing
Bedroom Suite II
Shiplap  - Eclectic - Dining room - by evahassing
Black and Cork - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
Black and Cork
Day One - Eclectic - Bedroom - by evahassing
Day One
YOO - Modern - Kitchen - by evahassing
Wooden Box - Modern - Garden - by evahassing
Wooden Box
Book Nook - Eclectic - by evahassing
Book Nook
Home - Eclectic - by evahassing
On the Go - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
On the Go
Home in the Forest - by evahassing
Home in the Forest
Warm Concrete - Eclectic - Kitchen - by evahassing
Warm Concrete
Terrace Garden - Garden - by evahassing
Terrace Garden
Here - Eclectic - Living room - by evahassing
Night Out - Garden - by evahassing
Night Out
Mellow - Eclectic - Bedroom - by evahassing
I - Modern - Kitchen - by evahassing
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Hi marleinxs! I think you are doing great things with your designs. Your architecture is clean and realistic which in my opinion is the basis of a good design. And you mix materials and colours beautifully and never go overboard and keep things "real". You are only 18 and having this kind of down to earth designs tells me a lot about your level of maturity. I believe you will one day grow in to a fantastic designer and I follow you because I´m exited to see more from you :)

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Thank you all! Your comments mean really a lot to me!

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Thank you all! You are too kind :) My inspiration comes from all over as I´m sure it is with all of you. Internet, magazines, tv, other homes and mostly I think about making the room as much of a real home as I can with realistic room sizes, furniture and practical in use :)

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Oh thank you so much! It´s always fun to get recognized for my style but I still can´t figure out myself how it is :)

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So fun and unusual! I wanna see more moroccan styles rooms. They are so pretty and exotic to me. I hope I can make one soon even though I´m more used to the cold and snow :)

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Raven - by evahassing


Beautiful and skillful work!!

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Thank you all for your comments, hearts and for your votes!!!

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Thank you all so much! Love all your comments! :)

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Love it! This exactly what I see in my mind when I think courtyard :)

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