Wonderful! Any girl would love this room!

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Beautiful eyes! I love how you put this in your tranquil bath.

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I think this is one of the designs that I personally love the most. It brings out lots of colour and beautiful products. Like I said, amazing! This really should be a room on display in any store! Great job, and keep the great work going! :)

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some things didn't show up... :P

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some things didn't show up... :P

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Life's A Beach is about living on a private island with the peace of the outdoors. A beautiful sunset behind the big island in the distance. So far I think this design is the greatest of mine.

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wow all of your designs are so amazing! they are probably the best i have ever seen in a while! i love the look of this one and i especially love the painting in the background. great job i can't wait for more! :)

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Amazing job! I love the modern style!