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Commented on green therapy

Rustic elements never fail to have me in awe. These when accompanied with a stunning view outside make it even more worthwhile.

Commented on Horselover Bedroom

What a breathtaking scenery outside! I would want to wake up to that every single day!

Commented on Horse lover

This is such a beautiful loft! I would have put the bedroom upstairs though! More privacy that way!

Commented on LVR with Kitchen

Love the black and white theme going on here. It's actually quite nicely put together if you consider the different aspects of style that you've put together. An easy colour scheme to stick with and play with!

Commented on Contest OAK

I personally am afraid of using a messy colour combo for my floors. However, with minimal accessorizing, I guess I'd be fine.

It's amazing what kind of effects you can achieve with fake wood and laminate these days don't you think! I think that this rendering of hardwood flooring is pretty accurate though!

Commented on MADSEN

What a lovely and simple home. I sometimes wonder if there is anybody who is really able to keep their home as neat as this though. Do people really own so little or are they really so organized!

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