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Thank you for your suggestions, Esko123!  It wouldn't attach to the wall at all.  When I clicked on the wall to adjust the position, there was nothing attached.  I was afraid to put a split in the wall, because of the wainscoting and all the metal flower plaques on the wall.  Sorry to use your comment space for tech stuff, aniachoynowska!

Pretty room!!

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Very cool!!  I love your chalkboard!!  I made a jpg chalkboard menu on Word for my room, but couldn't get the pic to show correctly in my photos.  Would you mind sharing with me how you did your chalkboard?  

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Thank you, Sirtzuu93!

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Love your butterfly light fixture!

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This room is awesome-and I don't really like Southwest style.  Nice job!

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Very nice room!

Really pretty room!  I love your different shades of purple and lavender.  I used the purple Petunias for my Georgia Bedroom too.  I think it's one of her best paintings.  Nice job!

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 Very pretty room!

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Thank you Sirtzuu93!

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Thank you Sirtzuu93!

Created S Cabin2
S Cabin2 - Rustic - Living room - by Buffy7


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Likes TM Entry
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Very cool!!

Nice room!

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Very nice!

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Nice room!!