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@annamarina,  eks daar gebore maar ek het getrek Namibie toe :)

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@DreamerDesigner12, Thank you! I suggest you watch RoomStyler tutorials, that helps a lot! While designing, the menu which gives you options (Furniture, Materials, Lighting etc) has a paperboard (Above the settings icon) . When you click on it, you will see ALL the items you used in the room. Then you click on photos (left of 'Room items')  There you will see a option 'Upload image' and then just drag it towards the wall. If this is not clear enough, please go onto youtube and watch  tutorial, if, however this helped,  I am happy to help :)))

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Haha ja hier is ongelukkig baie min Afrikaners hierop :) Is jy eerste taal afrikaans?

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Baie moooi!

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@VioletKnox this is a beautiful layout. With a little furniture, maybe a window, rug and decor this will be a work of art. I will remix this, check in later ;)