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love this office... but was thinking maybe adding a window or two or five into the room. I agree with @leonardo31 when he says his hamster gets him in trouble. Soho is very similar ... he gets claustrophobic in rooms with no windows. But, back to the room, windows would lighten it up a little bit!

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Love this bathroom... very nicely arranged with an awesome view!

Thank you both @gwendelina and @The funfun girl... I haven't been part of the RoomStyler community long but am enjoying being a part of it. I'm afraid, as the label says, it is still a work in progress. I don't have much time for it between my job and travel and spending some quality alone time with my favourite people when I can, so it may take a while to come about. 

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@The funfun girl... that's cool, I'm afraid my partner doesn't own an actual coffee shop, just a 1,000 acre coffee plantation outside of Rio de Janeiro.  However, as we travel a lot for my job, we haven't been back in a while.

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This wallpaper reminds me of my vacation in Brazil... my partner Carlos is Brazilian and has an amazing coffee plantation there.... it's where we met #memories

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Love this design... usually am more minimalistic but this is terrific

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The wallpaper is amazing... as is the design... very classy

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I love this... it's very dark but still classy and clean cut... 

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This looks amazing...  has a very calming and peaceful atmosphere but with beautiful views!

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Commented on marble bathroom

That bathroom looks a little  plain, however the layout reminds me of one time I went to Paris with my boyfriend... such good memories.

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