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relax mood
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Whats everyone like there???

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Who are your friends???

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Hey Demi!!! having fun??? Love the profile pic ;) Tell me and MW all about it!!!

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Love this room babes....pls follow

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Hey is this the demi wwe know????

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Hey, so love this room. I'm such a horse fan. I used to ride horses about 2 years ago professionally until..... I went riding one day and we were walking along some cliffs. The saddle wasn't strapped on tight enough and my horse tipped me off and i fell of the cliff, i grabbed a big stump of grass to hold myself up. I couldn't look down because i was pressed against the cliff. I was hanging there for an hour before i let go. I fell about half a metre. Turns out it was a jagged cliff and a camp site was about 20 metres from where i was so people were about a 30 second walk away. Anyway love ur room. #pleasefollowme

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Thx, so much guys!!!

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Thx so much for all your comments!!! I was really going for a snowy mountain pool....Thx the funfun girl

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Thx so much fairygirl958best!!!

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Hey i love this room so much!!! So cool....I love sheep they are so cute!!! except when they smell....I love the colour scheme of the room, so sheek!!! I'm trying to decide on whether i should buy a green or white Chanel bag....Since you have such good style what do you think???

No, that's fine. Everyone has their own opinion. Thx for following though!!!

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Hey. I love this room, so beautiful!!! I have triplet cousins, there is two boys and one girl...I can tell that they would love this room!!! You are so talented and must have so much experience!!! Also please follow me!!!

Also Please follow me!!!

Hey this room is so cool and unique!!! I had a sheep for a pet a long time ago. It was really cute....One day i came home and the sheep was on top of the roof!!! We have a rendered wall going up to nearly the same height of the roof and it would've climbed up it. We had to get the fire brigade to come and get it down!!! Sheep is one of my favorite animals is it one of yours???