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sorry pilot

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Loving the vibes of this room....the vintage plane on the table takes me back to the days of when i was a training pilate, i used to ride vintage aged planes like this...but just recently i stopped because i had a light crash just as i was landing on the runway...nothing major was harmed just some broken legs and arms and many weeks in hospital...designing has become my safe and happy place...thanks for being so inspiring..pls follow me#memories #planecrash #thosewerethedays #plsfollowme #plsfollowme 

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wow, i loveeee this room!!! It reminds me of Mexico....when i visited for 2 weeks, it was such a beautiful place. It reminds of when a gun fight broke out and all of the people in the streets hid in the laneway next to the house, it looks very similar to your room....it was such a scary experience and brought to light the differences of countries....i love this room and thanks so much for taking me back to Mexico....#loveit #Mexico #followme

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omw, i loveeee this room!! It's so complete, and everything adds to it...from the hammock to the clock to the suitcase...It reminds me of when i went to Africa n helped kids in need....so inspirational#atlas #followme

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i love this bathroom....it's so sheekIt reminds me of when i was hanging out with my secret bf at his apartment which he shared with his sister. Noone knew about us and both of our families didn't like eachother. So we didn't tell anyone. We heard his sister come home with someone, so i hid in his closet. before i knew it his sister and the guy she came home with, were in the bedroom, i forgot that they swapped rooms....a couple of mins later i couldn't handle it so i screamed out and opened the cupboard. And that's the story of how i found out my brother and her were a thing......thanks for recap of that day#followme

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This room is soo inspirational and so morning mood. one time i was attending a breakfast at a family friends and all of the sudden the father of the family started chocking. No one knew what to do, except the son who peformed the choking method. When he was ok he said 'i think i can handle anything now'. That's the story of how me and the son announced that we had been together for about 1 year without anyone knowing. The father fainted again....#love #goodtimes #followme

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This room reminds me of the Gold Coast in Australia. It's so sheek and extravagant...When i was staying there i had a 3 day binge...it's when you just party for like days, with basically no sleep...me and my 4 friends did it to get away from all the family chaos, it was such a cool experience, and thanks for taking me back to the good old days!!!#loveit #goldcoast #australiasthebest #followme

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This reminds me of the Bachelor/bachelorette house, i went there when i was visiting a friend in the area, and it looked so like this...this must've taken so much time and effort, i can only with i could create something like this....#loveit #bachelor/bachelorette #followme

wowww, i love this design....I'm a traveller/designer and wow, this has seriously impressed me. They're soo many great designs on roomstyler, but this one really stood out to me. Paris has been like another home to me....it's just like everyone says; amazinggg food, beautiful scenery, nice people and good looking men...#loveit #professional #followme

This design is sooo lovely and sheek...It's amazing and reminds me of the beaches in la at sunset....Me and my friend did a road trip across North America and it was amazing....It was so different from Australia and so magical. We went and saw a Harry Styles concert it was sooo amazing#travel #lovedit #takemeback #followme

wowwww, i'm in love with this design it's so different and modern, i lovee it. It reminds me of when i visited Africa and some of the restraunts there were placed in water like your design....it's like u took me back there#takemeback #loveit #followme

Hey, i lovveee this design, it's so much yet so little.....it reminds me of the time when i stayed in a desert hotel and it looked soo like this, it's so good it looks professionally done#loveit #desertvibes #followme

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Whats everyone like there???

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Who are your friends???

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Hey Demi!!! having fun??? Love the profile pic ;) Tell me and MW all about it!!!