Dream Home - Modern - Living room  - by 2onejoshlers
Dream Home
Teen Living in Basement - Modern - by 2onejoshlers
Teen Living in Basement
City Loft - Modern - by 2onejoshlers
City Loft
designers loft - Retro - by 2onejoshlers
designers loft
Autumn Living Room - Living room  - by 2onejoshlers
Autumn Living Room
living like a plant - by 2onejoshlers
living like a plant
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City Loft - Modern - by 2onejoshlers


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thank you Daisy320 so much I hope this helps me. I just now saw this so thank you very much

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your creative skills are to the max! question, though. how did you get the little stairs? i can see in the corner that you have about two stairs to reach the ground from the dinning area. it looks amazing, by the way

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I am in love with this! i really like how you used the raised ground (the pedestals) it's very creative

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hi i have a question! how do you get the scenery in the background? like, how you can see stuff out the window, i see a lot that has that but i can never seem to figure it out

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this is amazing! i just have a question. where did you find those stairs and/or what are they called?