Modern Living Room  - Modern - Living room - by  krc60
Modern Living Room
Nighttime Garden - by  krc60
Nighttime Garden
Pizzeria Design  - by  krc60
Pizzeria Design
Open Waiting Room - Classic - by  krc60
Open Waiting Room
Garden Bridal Tea Party - Garden - by  krc60
Garden Bridal Tea Party
My Granny Flat - Retro - Living room - by  krc60
My Granny Flat
Trilicium - Garden - by  krc60
Seafood Restaurant  - by  krc60
Seafood Restaurant
Swimming pool - Garden - by  krc60
Swimming pool
Deck and Pond - Garden - by  krc60
Deck and Pond
Expat Apartment - by  krc60
Expat Apartment
Fairytale Room - by  krc60
Fairytale Room
Mid Century Modern LR 4 - Living room - by  krc60
Mid Century Modern LR 4
 Bohemian Living - Dining room - by  krc60
Bohemian Living
Bohemian Bedroom - Bedroom - by  krc60
Bohemian Bedroom
Nautical Bedroom - Bedroom - by  krc60
Nautical Bedroom
Birds Bathing - Bathroom - by  krc60
Birds Bathing
Nautical Kitchen - Kitchen - by  krc60
Nautical Kitchen
Boho Kitchen - by  krc60
Boho Kitchen
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Likes Boho bath
Likes Boho Bath

The story of this design is that it is All Hallow Eve, and Dracula has invited a couple of serial killers for dinner. But this Dracula is a modern vampire and he does not like the fact that these guys have been going after children. So, with the help of his ghost companions and a fellow vampire hiding in the coffin next to the table, he plans to make these guys dinner!