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  • Keliann
    5y ago
    I didn't comment on this one yet!!!!This is beautiful!! And the scenery fits perfect with this design!!!
  • katrinasherbs
    5y ago
    how did you make the poool!!!
  • janelle1
    5y ago
    Gorgeous !!!!
  • Lucii
    5y ago
    leslie43433When you draw the walls, move the camera outside the walls.. You see that small icons on your left side of the screen. Click on the fourth icon from the top (Populate your list). Then a little bit up, in the corner you'll see Photos. Click that  and upload image. You can upload any image you want.. As you can see, we use the photos of the beautiful cities, mountains, ocean because this will bi the view around your design.  When you upload that image, drag it to that space where you draw the walls. You'll see small field where it says Apply scenery. So drag your image in that field.. And now you only have to decorate your room or garden and share with other people if you want to.. =) Have a good time in decorating :)
  • leslie43433
    5y ago
    how do you make one outside 
  • Maria Helena_215
    5y ago
    Maria Helena_215
    Lindo !!
  • _Taz_
    5y ago
  • Natalie T
    5y ago
    Natalie T
  • Evangeline_The_Unicorn
    5y ago
    love this place!!beautiful!!!!    l
  • GALE88
    5y ago
     I could live here :D great!!!
  • janip
    5y ago
  • russ
    5y ago
    I  really love this scene Lucii!!! And, thank you so much for the comment!
  • Valentinapenta
    5y ago
     I like it very much!
  • Mum Dali
    5y ago
    Mum Dali
    Brillant !!!!!!!!!!!