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boho kitchen

  • Theadora
    2 months ago

    Hi Teri, sorry I just saw this while scrolling through the newsfeed. The answer is yup, you can like and vote for your design since it is set to public, the ones you can't like have been left on private. You did all the right things, changing the name of a design doesn't affect it, you can do that whenever. Anytime you want to know if your design is accessible or you have a question just put a message on one of my designs and I'll see it a lot quicker. :)

  • Teri Dawn
    2 months ago
    Teri Dawn

    @Theadora can you check if my entry was able to be liked or voted on? I have major questions about this. There seem to be so many designs that can't be liked or voted on.  Can you withdraw an entry and fix something and reenter the same room with different name or same name? I have done this a couple of times. I did it with this one. Thanks, sis. Love, Teri Dawn