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Sm LivingRm Challenge

Our tiny living room challenged me to think outside the box.  Before moving in I had all kinds of designs ideas that either I thought of or some other awesome people thought of.  The "on paper" design and layout was great; however, after living in the space it proved to be a bit more challenging.   The spaced allowed us to have a sofa which sat 3; all snugged up together and 1 lift chair.  So a total of 4 people with 3  of shoulder-to-shoulder.  Which is not comfortable. So I figured why not break all the designing trends; I did away with the sofa; bought a new leather lift chair for my husband; new leather recliner for me; and 2 matching comfy side chairs was given to me.  No choices in the colors; we got was was available.  The side chairs on here are close to what we have in size and color.  

So I hope I can do this well in reality as this design.