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pool room

  • lynsjk
    8 months ago

    Love the pool!! Absolutely gorgeous, and when you have the hiccups and your head's bouncing up and down it is even cooler coz it looks like it's right there in front of you 4 real...well i suppose it is anyways!! Love your work!

  • 321simple
    8 months ago

    Thx so much for all your comments!!! I was really going for a snowy mountain pool....Thx the funfun girl

  • fairygirl958best
    8 months ago

    hey i follow you also i love your imagination

  • krispy kreme
    9 months ago
    krispy kreme

    i agree with the funfun girl, this room compliments the authors simple taste and shows how well the pools colour matches so well with the trees. But a little bit of pop and dazzle here and there wouldn't be bad

  • The funfun girl
    9 months ago
    The funfun girl

    i think it's perfect the way it is...

  • gwendelinia
    9 months ago

    Love this room!!! Try adding a layer of purple, blue and a dusty orange. It would help the room to bloom from a baby rose to a stunning grown weed !!! my eyes are a mouldy green and was thinking of implementing this into my room… lmk what you think? Open for suggestions and willing to give a advice.