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Frozen Lake

  • Princapessa10
    3 months ago

    WOWOWOW love this rooooom!! I like the authentic feel about it - the wood and the frame you can see! And you managed to have the ice and blue popping out of the windows and still have a warm feel to it - LOVE IT.

  • ZsuzsannaCs
    4 months ago

    Beautiful room! I love it!

  • Brenda DeVries
    9 months ago
    Brenda DeVries

    Yup. This is still my favorite. I had considered entering this contest, and then I saw this design, and was like, "Nope. Forget it. I would be trying too hard to NOT be inspired by this design." I do love it. xD Good luck to you in the contest! :D

  • jade61356
    9 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  • bigmama14
    9 months ago


  • Brenda DeVries
    10 months ago
    Brenda DeVries