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Abigail entered the sun-room and immediately mistook it as a moon-room. Whoa! She though, giggling with glee. This room's colour is Blorange!

Abigail Baker was exploring the residence of the Du Point family residing in a quiet spot in southern Oregon. The ocean's salty odour surprisingly couldn't be smelt from this seaside town, yet it still felt like swimming in the ocean and dancing with the fishes.  Abigail was visiting the Du Points because Abigail was friends with Mrs. Du Point's daughter Genevieve. The two friend were teen best friends who couldn't be separated, even if money, wealth, and status separated them vastly. Genevieve was currently taking a bathroom break that seemed to be a long one, so Abigail was free to roam the residence, careful not to break anything, but also unimpeded to do almost anything.

Abigail ran up towards one of two of the orange armchairs and plumped herself on it. The crackling of the gas-fire  warmed her as she took a deep breath.  Abigail recalled that she was a 15 year old that wasn't supposed to run in halls like a little girl. She had to be mature, she had to stay responsible and act like an adult. Yet Abigail was desperate to unleash her childish, wild side, yearning for it to bask in its final moments before it sputtered and exploded in a violent supernova.

Abigail looked around the room. She smiled as she stared out the sun room's windows and into the forested regions outside the residence. Abigail cuddled a cushion as Genevieve entered. "Abby? What are you doing?" Genevieve said. Abigail sighed. "Oh, just experiencing the Blorange!"