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Living space

  • Nari31
    2y ago
  • ZsuzsannaCs
    2y ago

    Hi! I apologize from  you for any mistakes but I can not speak English well, just a little bit. No, I do not use images. Often I see (in my mind) in advance what I want to create, but sometimes the ideas come in during the planning . I can imagine in my mind very well that what will be the final score. I think so that I have great imaginative strength and spatial vision. Unfortunately, I can not always to realize (effectuate) an my idea because there are no certain kinds elements in the roomstyler program. But I'm trying to figure out how I can create from existing elements. Sometimes it's hard is that I do not know the specific English phrases. Thus, I have to look for a lot certain furniture and objects, because the translator does not know to translate. This is much time.