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Staff Secrets

When many of us were kids, we came in to contact with some of the most exotic people round: teachers. They were always hovering around every kid in school. Checking our work, scolding misbehavior, assigning thousands of assignments, and a whole bunch of other stuff many of us despised. Yet even with our grudges against these unique men and women, we had questions about who they were, what they liked, where they lived, etc. etc. etc. A common thing you'd hear is a child being astonished at the thought of their teacher having a life outside of school. It was, and is a cute thing many of us have experienced. Some other rumors that spread among the children were photos of other kids they never knew. Did their teacher teach other kids? Did these kids like our teacher? Who are they anyway? It was always a cute thing many would consider, but the number one thing kids would always ponder about is the staff room. "Rumor has it that a kid went in there once, and never came back" is what some gossip was about. "I heard teachers arguing in there!" is another. Yet these tired, hard-working teachers are not given the staff room of all staff rooms. They're just given a lot of tables and a tiny kitchen most of the time. So I've designed a dream staff room that any principal would fall head-over-heels for: An elegant room with a wonderful living space, private offices for people to eat in and work in, desks for conferences, and a high-quality gourmet kitchen. Whatever school that's lucky enough to get their hands on this staff room may have rumors running rampant on and off the school grounds. "Rumor has it, that a teacher actually learned something!" might be one of them. =)