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Modern Rustic Boho

Welcome to my Rustic Bohemian Interior!

 According to professional designers, the Bohemian style is among the “hottest interior trends." 

The Bohemian style, as defined by the interior design industry,  is widely attributed to free spirited individuals and deviates from the norm, without any decorating rules. However, there are some commonalities – colorful interiors, which are especially expressed in patterned textiles and lots of exotic accessories such as candles, lanterns, photos, art, etc., and unique flea market finds, including furniture, which are often a miss-match. There are also exotic, mostly oriental rugs on floors and walls, and lots of pillows, especially on the floor. All in all, the style is very personal, very warm and inviting and I for one, love it, especially if it contains a certain flair of sophistication and style.