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It had been a long Thursday afternoon at the Geothe University in Frankfurt for Johan Koch. While the familiar daily routine he encounters everyday seemed to pass normally, school was a pain in the butt for him. Exam season was impending, and he could barely understand any of the stuff he was required to study. To make matters ten times worse, his sister was sick with a rare ailment. It was all too much for simple minimalist Johan to handle.

He thrust his studio door open, slamming it violently against the wall. He groaned as he stepped into his pitch-black apartment. He flicked a switch and a few dim lights illuminated the studio. The room he had just stepped into was the kitchen, featuring stark white cabinetry, small counter space, and a desk for working and cooking on. Johan tore his shoes off roughly, and tossed them onto the shoe rack, making no effort to straighten them out. After he closed the door—this time softly—he slowly took off his outdoor clothes and changed into a pair of grey, striped pajamas. Johan made his way into the kitchen, and started brewing some coffee, and turning on some more lamps, which still barely lightened up his home. After a painfully long time, his coffee was ready. Johan poured the coffee into his favorite brown cup, and walked into his living space, which was just next door to his kitchen. The quaint space was decorated with cream-colored furnishings, draped with sea-blue cushions. A glass coffee table separated the sofa from the armchair, and a white sideboard holding up Johan's television set were also present. Johan took a seat at the sofa, and set his coffee down at the table, after he had his first sip of the bitter stuff. He pulled the coffee-colored Roman curtains back and gaped at the view of the city. The sun was setting over the buildings like a wave slowly pushing its way to shore. The tall buildings stood like a massive titan army marching to a battle. Johan smiled and sighed. Even in his currently disastrous life, he'd managed to at least find a few minutes of brilliant serenity, away from all of his worrisome woes. Johan took another sip at his coffee...


Hey guys! Lifandus here, and I got a few announcements! If you've noticed a different type of story, don't worry! It's something I've been wanting to do for a while now, instead of the usual story depicting one's life. If you still wanted one of the regular stories, have no fear, as there's another room here! Check out the other part of this room here: