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  • Liu Kovac
    2y ago
    Liu Kovac

    hmm I don´t know what is better...this is more for ladies..but I love both.. :))

  • evahassing
    2y ago

    Thank you all! You are too kind :) My inspiration comes from all over as I´m sure it is with all of you. Internet, magazines, tv, other homes and mostly I think about making the room as much of a real home as I can with realistic room sizes, furniture and practical in use :)

  • Leyvna
    2y ago
    Чистый и очаровательный!
  • franciss
    2y ago


  • marleinxs
    2y ago

    Heart Eyes! You are so good! To me, like Naavarin said, you really are the best designer here on Roomstyler. So your follow meant a lot. Love your work!!

  • Cailyn V
    2y ago
    Cailyn V

    You are really good at this! I mean I think you are one of the best designers here..... Where do you get all the inspiration for this design? Btw this one I love it! The kitchen looks so fabulous! 

  • maudberg01
    2y ago

    omg! unbelievable! 

  • jade61356
    2y ago

    Love this!!

  • InteriorDesigner111
    2y ago

    very nice!

  • janip
    2y ago
    Very stylish!

  • Ania Daliva
    2y ago
    Ania Daliva

    Not sure which one i like better, both are amazing!!!

  • bgref
    2y ago

    I think if you put the dark cabinets and the marble with this design it may be cool. But this one feels brighter, I love it!!!