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        Hey, my name is Jessica. An inspired, young lady raised in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up I was always curious about my future. It has always been a tough decision of what I wanted to be in life. As my lovely parents taught me, "Sometimes you just have to do things yourself. You can't depend on anyone's heart but yours". In encounter to this, every time I catch myself slipping or in emotional distress, I immediately know I need -(scratch that)- HAVE to change my surrounding. My bedroom is my own personal space, office, or little apartment. Somehow, I just love waking up to a pristine, fresh view! In self-opinion, a bedroom sort of defines who you are as a character. Whether it starts with the color scheme you decided to go for define the way you look at the outside world, the wall decors you slowly put into perfection defines your aesthetic, and furniture that you placed in your humble abode shows your comfort in one space.

-- "I love waking up to a pristine, fresh view!"

          When I moved into this beautiful townhouse in the year of 2014, it was everything I've ever dreamed of. I finally get my own bedroom that I could decorate on my own without my parents' consent. It has two windows, which gave great lighting and a lovely view of the street. Of course being a teenager, I wanted all (and I meant ALL) of the printed pictures I could find to put up on the wall using tape or thumbtack. Being a basic girl in a basic city, I searched on Pinterest--"Tumblr Room Decor Ideas". It started from using my run-down printer printing out cheesy quotes such as -- "Every day’s a new day," to having a simple black and white print posted up.

        My bedroom today consists of three main color schemes: white, green, and dark woods. The walls of my bedroom is sort of a dark tan color, dark wood would put a contrast towards it. I've decided to have white bedding as it gives a clean and crisp touch with a hint of green. The color green has a vibe of balance, growth, and stability. Lastly, I placed a scented candle from Target called, Island Orchid, to give my room that beach-y, island vibe. This room has definitely taken a lot of investment and effort in renovating. In conclusion, I am finally pleased to call it my bedroom, Jessica's bedroom.