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Icelandic Sleeping

You're awakened by a sudden blare that's your alarm clock and you quickly smack the dismiss button on your alarm. You stretch your arms out and open your eyes to a lovely warm yellow sun over a small yet cute city nestled on a small coast. It's Reykjavík. The capital of Iceland in the gargantuan  Atlantic Ocean. With a population of about 125,000, the city is quiet enough to not contain the constant hustle and bustle of large cities like Stockholm, Oslo, London, etc. Yet large enough to contain every necessity for you and your needs. You hop out of bed and land with a graceful thump on the light oak floors, giving off a little heat as well. Even though the day is just going to be another plain day at work, you can't help but smile at the transparent sunlight glistening the world upon you.


"Icelandic Sleeping" is the penultimate part of my "Scandinavian Rooms" series for the "Simplicity Scandinavian" Contest. This series is about 5 different rooms in 5 different cities/towns across northern Scandinavia, including Oulu, Finland; Kiruna, Sweden; and Tromsø, Norway, these rooms will depict life in these desolate large towns/cities across Scandinavia.