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Norwegian Cooking

You host a potluck at your small apartment at 9 PM (21:00), but unfortunately, a minor disruption is present at your party: the sun hasn't set yet, or will set for at least another 2 months,

Where you live is Tromsø, Norway, a desolate northern city with a somewhat mild winter and summer even with an extreme latitude with a large population of 72,000 (going up to 85,000 during most of the year)[1]. Along with boasting the northernmost university in the world and temperatures as nice as southern Norwegian capital Oslo, Tromsø is actually quite a fine city to settle down in.

While you get the food ready for your guests, the midnight sun gets in your eyes and almost makes you drop a pot of baked potatoes in your hands, nearly making you curse. You sigh annoyingly and one of your guests points out your irritation, so you create a long spiel of your anger with the exasperating midnight sun and polar night. But then the same guest points out that while you get some difficulties with living in such a northern city, you have a unique lifestyle that most of the entire earth hasn't and will never get to live with, and for once, you realize that while dealing with cold temperatures and oddities, you get this awesome life in one of the few outermost cities in the world.


"Norwegian Cooking" is the second part of my "Scandinavian Rooms" series for the "Simplicity Scandinavian" Contest. This series is about 5 different rooms in 5 different cities/towns across northern Scandinavia, including Oulu, Finland; Kiruna, Sweden; and Tromsø, Norway, these rooms will depict life in these desolate large towns/cities across Scandinavia.



Photo Credit for scenery: Taken by Froker—Wikimedia User at—and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license. This person did not endorse me in any way and I only used his image just for the purpose of decor in this room.