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Dormer: a window that projects vertically from a sloping roof.

Types of dormer:

Gable fronted dormer:  pitched roof of two sloping planes, supported by a frame that rises vertically to form a triangular section below the roof line, i.e. a gable. It is also known as a dog-house dormer.

Hip roof dormer: It has a roof composed of three sloping planes that rise from each side of the dormer frame and converge at the ridge—analogous to the hip roof.

Flat roof dormer: A single flat plane approximately horizontal, usually slightly inclined to allow rain water to run off.

Shed dormer: A single flat plane roof that is sloped in the same direction as the principal roof only at a shallower angle.

Wall dormer: A dormer whose face is co planar with the face of the wall below. This means that the face of the dormer is essentially a continuation of the wall above the level of the eaves.

Eyebrow or eyelid dormer: A low and wide dormer with a curved roof and no sides. Instead the roof covering is gradually curved up and over the dormer in a flattened bell curve.

Blind or false dormer: A dormer that is only visible externally, i.e. does not provide any extra space or light internally. These are often used to make the house appear more aesthetically impressive.

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