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Lavender Bedroom

The Lavender Bedroom

Twas' the bedroom built of lavender!

Covered in bricks of violet Casper,

A sanctuary for anyone in distress,

From the flashes and screams of the press.


Second part of the "colorful" series, featuring the color lavender.

Purple is a beautiful color, radiating an uncommon yet satisfying warmth not often seen in nature. It often is regarded as a feminine color, similar to pink, but colors don't and shouldn't have boundaries. They are creative and amazing aspects of life that give us memories and sighs of their beauty and love. Purple is especially a color of pure uniqueness, as it is not common to see it naturally in nature, except for flowers. Lavender is a shade of purple that is based off from the lavender flower, that has a warm tone to it that doesn't radiate too much concentration. Lavender is truly an amazing color.